PCC (90-70)Range of gel bonded castables(including Anti-Coating)

GEL BONDED CASTABLE(with bindex-gel liquid)

PCC range of free flow / fast set castable are totally cement free giving enhanced life and low overall refractory cost. PCC can be cost effectively used in areas where high abrasion, high thermal shocks & chemical attacks are expected. PCC is supplied with Bindex (gel) liquid as it is gel bonded castable. The ratio of concrete to Bindex liquid is 10:1 i.e. 10% of Bindex liquid added to the weight of the castable. Due to free flow in nature it requires least vibrations. The castable does not need any curing or initial heat-up and it sets hard normally within 10-12 Hrs time at 35 °C.

Use Alkali free tools and machines or else PCC will flash set. Anti-Wetting & Anti-Coating grade available on specific requirement. For faster setting and higher strength add least amount of Bindex (gel) liquid.

Unique Advantages  
  • PCC is three times more abrasive resistant with better refractoriness compared to 70% bricks or LCC due to a of CaO, FeO and MgO.
  • PCC has best thermal shock resistance due to strong mullite formation at elevated temperatures.
  • PCC has excellent cohesive adhesive strength with all bricks / castables / steel.
  • PCC requires least vibrations as it is self flow.
  • PCC is unaffected by rapid heat-up as it does not have to release any chemically combined water at elevated temperature as in LCC.
  • PCC retains four times higher strength (CMOR) than LCC.
  • PCC give better chemical resistant due to pure chemical bonding & inert aggregates.
  • PCC is stable throughout the temperature range due to better thermal stability.
  • PCC increases strength with increasing temperature, a unique property.
Description Units PCC - 70 PCC - 80 PCC - 90
Max Service Temp °C 1400 1500 1700
Linear Change % @ 1400°C (2-Hrs) ± 1.00 ± 0.80 ± 0.50
Casted Density (Kgs/m³) 2700 2800 2900
CCS (Kg.f / cm²) 200°C 400-500 450-550 500-600
CCS (Kg.f / cm²) 1000°C 500-600 600-700 700-1000
CCS (Kg.f / cm²) 1400°C 550-660 650-750 750-1100
CCS (Kg.f / cm²) 200°C 400-500 450-550 500-600
1000°C 500-600 600-700 700-1000
1400°C 550-660 650-750 750-1100
Chemical Analysis Al2O3(%) 65-70 75-80 85-90
Grain Size mm 0-5 0-5 0-5
Mixing Ratio Weight Mix 50-Kgs concrete with 5-Kgs Bindex (gel) Liquid. Mix 50-Kgs concrete with 5-Kgs Bindex (gel) Liquid. Mix 50-Kgs concrete with 5-Kgs Bindex (gel) Liquid.
Mixing Ratio Weight Mix 50-Kgs concrete with 5-Kgs Bindex (gel) Liquid.
Note : Above are average test data subject to reasonable variations