METCOAT & TOPCOATCorosive & Abrasive Resistant Coating system for metal production.


Metcoat :
A unique two pack coating system for corrosion & abrasion resistance widely used on steel structures of bridges, storage silos, tanks, machines etc of cement, fertilizer chemical, thermal power plants and many more. This coating system can be spray coated for fast application and low losses. Metcoat increases the life of metal structures as it saves the metal surface from cor n, erosion and heat.

Topcoat :
Zirconia Aluminum rich heat resistant coatin . Topcoat coating system is widely used as top coating system over Metcoat on steel structu s of furnaces, reaction vessels, kilns, hot metal stacks, exhaust systems, hot pipes, hi eat storage silos, tanks, machines, etc of cement, fertilizer, chemical, thermal power plants and many more.

Surface preparation :
Remove all dust, grease, oil, rust etc with wire brushes or sand blasting etc use our metal degreasing solution, to be ordered separately. Application area must be clean & dry.

Mix quantity that can be used within 30 minutes. Never try to remix once the material sets.

Application Procedure 
  • Stir both the components to uniform consistency in the given proportion with constant stirring.
  • Pass the mixed slurry through 80# wire mesh or cloth for evenness.
  • Mature the mix for 20 minutes, before application.
  • Constantly stir during application.
  • Use mixed material within 4-5 hrs.
  • Conventional spray : Add 5% thinner if required.
    Metcoat : Use pressure pot with pressure of 3.5-4.4 kg/cm².
    Topcoat : Use pressure pot with pressure of 2.8-3.5 kg/cm².
  • Airless Spray : Use without thinner. Pump ratio 30:1, Tip size 0.38-0.48mm tip pressure of 110-160 kgs/cm²
Technical Specifications
Properties Units Metcoat Topcoat
Service Temp. °C 400 400
No. of Layers - Single Single/Double
Dry-out time Hrs. Touch : 0.30 Touch : 3-4
    Handle : 2-4 Second coat after 12 Hrs.
    Hard : 10  
Covering Capacity Sq. M/Lt 5-6 5-6
Application Method - Spray / Brush Spray
Pot life Hrs. 4-5 4-5
Storage life Months 06 09