FIRECEMPlasticized H.S. Fire Cement for Joining all types of bricks


Firecem is high-temperature, high alumina, air-setting plasticized refractory cement, provided to you either in cement powder and bindex liquid in separate form or air tight packed ready to use paste form intended for laying ceramic fiber modules, calcium silicate blocks, insulating bricks, fire - bricks, silica & high alumina bricks. It can also be used for patching and many other repair works of the furnace Traditional FIRE - CLAY contains about 20 - 25 % of carbonaceous matters and combined water, which on shrinkages, thus causing the joins to loosen and then then the entire refaractory work deteriorates and needs frequent repairing. To overcome these defects, we introduce our 'FIRECEM' High Temperature Fire Cement which not only overcomes all the above defects, but also gives innumerable distinct advantage. FIRECEM is manufactured from the best selected refractory materials, plasticizers, etc which is best suited for laying, pointing, surfacing, and stopping leakages through joints of any refractory. FIRECEM has excellent plasticity hence all excess material flows out of the streams while laying bricks to form the entire masonry work into a single solid mass. It is worth emphasizing that FIRECEM has high softening point and with increasing temperature the bonding strength also increases.

Unique Advantages  
  • Air setting i.e it sets extremely hard at room temperature.
  • Strength increases with increasing temperature.
  • Reduce furnace troubles and ensures much longer life.
  • Welds each brick to the other thus making each joint a perfect joint.
  • Twenty four times higher strength compared to fire clay /mortar.
  • Extremly volume stable, hence t does not shrink on drying or being heated.
  • Higher thermal efficiency of the furnace by it gas and air tight joints.
  • It gives thin strong compact joints to any brick work.
Description Units FC - 40 FC - 60 FC - 70
Service Temp °C 1250 1350 1550
Refractoriness °C 1300 1400 1600
Dry Density Kg/m³ 1400 1500 1600
Linear Change 1400°C-3hrs ± 0.5 ± 0.5 ± 0.5
Alumina % 35 - 40 55 - 60 65 - 70
Ferric % 2.5 2.5 2.5
Grain Size mm 0.5 0.5 0.5
Sintering Temp °C 600 700 800
Initial Setting Hrs 2 2 2
Final Setting Hrs 6 - 8 6 - 8 6 - 8
Mixing Ratio Kgs Mix 50 - Kgs cement in 25 - Kgs Bindex Liquid Mix 50 - Kgs cement in 25 - Kgs Bindex Liquid Mix 50 - Kgs cement in 25 - Kgs Bindex Liquid
Mixing Ratio Kgs Mix 50 - Kgs cement in 25 - Kgs Bindex Liquid