EXCEL/FTCChemical Bonded Castable for High Temp. & Abrasion Resistance


PP Minerals EXCEL & FTC SUPER castables are Chemically bonded castable refractory which has high strength at all temperatures. They set rapidly and leave no zone of weakness. The unique property of this castable is it's excellent cohesive adhesiveness with old castable, bricks & steel. As this castable is chemically bonded, it comes along with the Bindex Liquid to be added to 100 kgs of Excel or FTC concrete. The castable can be mixed in a mixer or hand mixed for small quantities as per the requirement. The castable can also be trowelled and patched and in such a case, Bindex liquid is added as required. The castable will set within 5-7 hourse at 35°C. But water should not be added in any circumstances to the castable or its Bindex liquid as it will deteriorate its properties and the castable may late set or may not set at all.

Excellent Abrasive Resistance is achieved, when troweled or patched on Hot Air Ductings, Plates, Bends etc protecting against High Velocity, Dusty, Abrasive, Hot Air. Plaster Excel or FTC Super to a thickness of 8-12 mm using 25mm Sq. corrugated wire netting welded 3-6mm away from steel shell, as built-in anchoring system.

Unique Advantages  
  • High strength at all Temperatures with NO ZONE OF WEAKNESS
  • Sets hard rapidly hence turn round of furnace time is highly reduced.
  • Wear resistance is excellent.
  • Thermal shock Resistant better than most conventional castable.
  • Requires no curing as it is HEAT CURED.
  • No special mixer & vibrators are required.
  • Increasing strength with rising temperature, a unique feature .
  • Hot & Cold Patachable castable.
  • Excellent Cohesive Adhesiveness with OLD CASTABLE, BRICKS & STEEL, Through standard anchoring system must be employed.
Technical Specifications
Description Units EXCEL FTC SUPER
Service Temp. °C 1600 1500
Refractoriness °C 1680 1580
Dry Density Kgs/m³ 2600 2400
Linear Change 1400°C - 3hrs ± 1.00 ± 1.00
Alumina % 70-80 65-75
Ferric % 3-5 3-5
Grain Size mm 0-5 0-5
CCS Kg.f/cm² 110°C 350 300
CCS Kg.f/cm² Kg.f/cm² 1300°C 500 400
CCS Kg.f/cm² 110°C 350 300
Kg.f/cm² 1300°C 500 400
Mixing Ratio Kgs Mix 50-Kgs concrete in 10Kgs Bindex liquid Mix 50-Kgs concrete in 10Kgs Bindex liquid
Mixing Ratio Kgs Mix 50-Kgs concrete in 10Kgs Bindex liquid
Note : Above are average test data subject to reasonable variations