COATING-ZMHigh Abrasive Resistant and Anti-Coating system for refactory linings


PP Minerals - ZM is a unique zirconia rich coting system which is extermely resistant to abrasions, alkalis, sulphur, slag etc. It can be easily applied on any refractory surface with brush or spray to enhance the life of the refactory lining. Zirconia mineral has the excellent non-wetting and anti-corrosive property with resistance to most of the chemical attacks. Physical properties of zirconia include high abbrasive resistance system comes in 2 parts i.e. "Primer Powder" which is the first coat and "Coating-Grit" which is the second coat. The second coat can be reapplied in the multiples of 2 - 3 mm for harder coating surface. Primer Powder and Coating-Grit comes with hardener liquid in a preset ratio, at the user end they just have to mix it properly in a pan and apply immediately. The coating hardens within a few hours and does not require any curing or heat treatment making it more user-friendly.

Mix quantity that can be used within 30 minutes. Never try to remix once the material sets.

Unique Advantages  
  • High Alumina-Zirconia rich chemically bonded primer & coating system.
  • Abrasion resistance of 4mm coating is equivalent to 20mm-brick.
  • It has multipurpose properties like high abrasion, alkali resistant & non-wetting.
  • It sets hard at room temp. & strength increases with elevating temp.
  • It increases Chemical, Thermal & Mechanical Spalling Resistance.
  • It does not require any curing as it is air & heat cured system.
  • It is extremly volume stable at high tempreature
  • It is always used as coating and never as a castable.
  • It is very simple in application, needing just buckets, brush & metal float.
  • Any surface after cleaning is first brushed with the Primer.
  • On Primer drying proceed to coat in multiples of 2-3 mm of coating.
  • It seals cracks, joints & fissures on any refractory surfaces.
  • When applied over new jobs it protects & enhances the refactory installations.
  • When applied over old jobs it saves cost of material, labor & down time.
Mixing Proportions
Primer Powder 400gms powder in 400gms liquid Paint with brush
Coating Grit 5.500 kgs grit in 1Kg Liquid Brush or metal float